Company Profile

Devoted to commenced and preserve an optimistic difference to your staffing needs, we at cyberpark technologies Consultants, are a headhunting and manpower recruitment firm of high repute and recognition.

We have gained this recognition by providing exemplary customer service and competent employees to diverse corporates, of all sizes; in India, Gulf, Europe, U.K, U.S.A as well as other parts of the globe.

Our firm enthusiastically performs its work in acceptance to cater your manpower necessities, procuring the candidate with the desired profile and building trusting relationships. Owing to our industry expertise, we comprehend that firm’s today have need of more than an able candidate; they reach for employees who are productive, exhibit a positive attitude and have the ability to become a member of their team.

Apart from customary practices to source candidates (like advertising in newspapers), we also include pioneering means to procure accurate professionals. Our experts influence the power of technology-based recruitment and focus on online media to make sure that our clients receive the most suitable candidates for their organization.

Our Business Approach :

Our methodical and streamlined methodology of staffing helps to provide apt manpower according to the patron’s requirement at the stipulated time.

We have qualified and efficient staff for testing, interviewing and assessment.

The selection processes are handled by people with immense knowledge and experience in the relevant field, enabling us to tackle your requisition promptly.


Our Search Methods :

Our methods of managing the search for a candidate are customized to specific conditions. Keeping in mind the deliberations like the industry-specific acquaintance and the location of such talent, we pick out the candidates. The geographic scope of the search is agreed upon with our client, based on their work values.

Our Work Process :

We pro energetically tap the market for exceptional candidates. Once the candidates have been acknowledged, we carry out in-depth interviews with each individual and obtain detailed information (on topics such as educational background, experience, job history, career goals, personality traits, compensation etc)



Our Clients

With our core objective to make the best matches between client companies and premium talent we endeavour to build long-lasting relationships.

The purpose of partnership plan is to assist our clients in meeting their goals.



Cyberpark technologies is a software company which focuses on delivering web applications and application software.

We probably experts in developing web applications using various innovative technologies.And we also develop application software depending on the customer requirement.

We had an expertise team who works hard and smart for the pleased results of the client.we fought to deliver the product at customer door step with in the given span of time.


Bulk SMS is nothing but a tool or service through which you can market your product and services.

Our services are only for Opt-In customers only. In these days of heavy competition, Bulk sms service providers companies struggle to find place in the customer’s mind.

However, we’ll ensure that you find place in their mobile inbox. Now, once you enter their inbox, it doesn’t take much time for them to catch up with your business and market any product or service with the medium of bulk sms in india

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We provide to say that we are also one of the leading providers of E security systems in and around Visakhapatnam.

Providing security at each and every business verticals and residences is a key factor in these days.

So, here we come with different E security systems as solution to the above problem. The E security systems include CCTV’S, Door alarms, buglar alarms, metal detectors etc.

We deals with different types of CCTV’S like IR Cameras, IP cameras, PTZ cameras.And all these cameras often run with Data video recorders and network video recorders.